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APHA Youth Futurity Project Logbook

The 2022 Youth Futurity Project will be held in conjunction with the APHA World Show and the following classes will be offered: 

  • Youth Yearling Futurity Project Logbook (THIS FORM) - Due Wednesday, June 22. 
  • Youth Yearling Futurity Project Showmanship - Monday, June 27
  • Youth Yearling Futurity Project Halter - Tuesday, June 28
  • Youth Yearling Futurity Project Longe Line - Tuesday, June 28

The overall placings will be announced following the conclusion of the Longe Line.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Classes are open to all-breeds of horses with extra incentives for APHA-registered horses (Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred).
  • Exhibitors must hold a current AjPHA membership, and be 18 & under as of January 1 of the current year.
  • There are no ownership requirements.
  • Guidance from outside trainers, parents and/or coaches is allowed, but ONLY the Youth may handle the horse after April 1 of the current show year.
  • Classes will take place at the 2022 APHA World Championship Show.
  • All exhibitors must provide APHA a log of the work they have done with their horse and the logbook will count as a separate individual class entry (this form). 
  • An eligibility statement must be signed by the exhibitor and their parent/legal guardian (Add to this form).
  • Exhibitors are not required to compete in all yearling futurity classes, but they MUST complete the logbook. Exhibitors may ONLY enter one Youth Futurity Project horse.

The logbook will be apart of the contest (worth 10% of the overall score) and will be due June 22!

Youth & Horse Information

Exhibitors may ONLY enter one Youth Futurity Project horse.

Youth Name*
Is this horse APHA registered? *
If registerated with multiple association, please list all associations.

Logbook Questions

Logbook Hours

If you would like a template to follow, click here. However, the template is not required! 

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AjPHA Code of Conduct

  • As an AjPHA member, I will be honest, fair and friendly.
  • I will have respect for myself and others, as well as respect for authority.
  • I will be helpful, caring and considerate to others.
  • I understand that I am responsible for what I say and do.
  • The APHA and AjPHA prohibit the bullying of any person.
  • I understand that I am subject to disciplinary action if I am found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to: verbal, physical, written or cyber abuse; threat or actual destruction of property; slander; illegal drug, underage drinking or tobacco use.
  • I am responsible for my actions.

“Remember the Code”

Eligibility Statement

By signing this form, you are agreeing that you have and will continue to follow: 

  • All Youth Futurity Project guidelines/rules
  • The AjPHA Code of Conduct 
  • You (Youth Member) are the ONLY person that has handled the horse starting April 1 until your last Youth Yearling Futurity Project class. 
  • All information provided on this report is accurate and true.

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